LITES: LED-Based Intelligent Street Lighting for Energy Saving

Key words: Energy Efficiency, LEDs, Solid-State Lighting, Intelligent Dimming



 Executive Summary:

The main objective of LITES project is to prove real life evidence on the energy consumption reduction promoted by intelligent street lighting using solid-state lights LED. The lighting service to be delivered complies with road classes CE2-CE5, S- and A- according to the standard of EN13201. LITES devices can be installed in secondary streets, commercial accesses, allotments, pedestrian ways and cycling tracks. The core aspect of the proposed solution is the capacity to dim the light output depending on environmental conditions. To accomplish this goal, a set of embedded sensors is used to measure the ambient light, the device temperature and power consumption as well as motion detection. The sensor’s output data is then processed by the embedded intelligence allowing optimum regulation of light levels. The members within the consortium have been carefully selected to cover the entire value-chain of the project. These members come from three sectors: academia (Riga Technical University, Aveiro University, University of Toulouse III and Polytechnic Institute of Torino), general society (municipality of Bordeaux and Piaseczno) and industry (Metercom and ThornLighting). These members are convinced about the prosperous future for this technology, its significant energy saving potential (up to 70 %), environmental and economic benefits and the increased level of traffic safety for the public.

The objectives will be achieved by the manufacture of a lantern specially designed to receive the LED array and the embedded intelligence. To obtain significant change in the demand for intelligent street lighting, current facts and results about LITES will be presented in conferences, in fairs, in scientific and non-scientific magazines, on website, in three video presentations on technical, financial, and organizational issues on LITES technology implementation. Each video will gather the experience in four pilot sites. There will be developed the adapted versions for each pilot country (France, Portugal, Latvia, and Poland). The adapted version will include the introduction presented by local experts from LITES team. The European content will be complemented with subscripts in LITES partner country language.



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